Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New 'bold' CPS scheme: 'Proctors' instead of teachers

Chicago public school officials are quietly working on what local papers describe as a "bold plan" to bring an eight-hour school day to up to 100 struggling schools by using a combination of laptop computers, instructional software and "non-teachers." (Chicago Sun-Times)

To keep costs down, "proctors" -- not certified teachers -- would oversee computerized Extended Day sessions. An initial version of the plan called for one proctor for every 35 kids.


  1. Replacing certified teachers with "proctors" in 100 schools? Did Rossi forget to ask CTU leaders to comment on this? Or did Stewart decided to remain silent?

  2. Anon: The CTU came out in opposition to the plan today.,CST-NWS-skulday03.article


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