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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Is Race-To-The-Top headed for the dumper?

Duncan's RTTT--read school closing, teacher firing, test-and-punish, "merit-pay"-- plan is running into tough opposition from key members of congress, especially from Democrats. Some don't like the few reform choices and formula-driven grants available to school districts, currently limited to closing low-performing schools; "turnaround" by replacing the principal and most of the staff; or turning schools over to private management companies.  

Others, especially southern blue dogs like Mary Landrieu (D-La) oppose the needed sign-on from the teacher unions. It seems the only ones who really like RTTT are Republicans and Republicrats like DFER (and, of course, the few grant winners.) Go figure.

Some lawmakers the administration is trying to court in its push to reauthorize the ESEA have questioned whether the four school improvement models put forth in Education Department regulations are sufficiently grounded in research and offer a realistic array of options for perennially struggling schools—particularly in rural areas. (Alyson Klein, Edweek)

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  1. So Race is going down the toilet, but meanwhile states like Illinois, with full union collaboration, institute statutory requirements linking test scores and teacher evaluation and tenure. For what? To qualify for Race to the Top. Arne gets what he wanted...for free.


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