Monday, July 15, 2019


As Saturday's anti-ICE march in Chicago

Cong. Jesus "Chuy" Garcia 
“It’s about damn time we tell this racist president loud and clear: Stop criminalizing desperation.” -- At Saturday's rally in Chicago.
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
"I believe these women. I believed the canker sores that I saw in their mouths because they were only allowed to be fed un-nutritious food. I believe them when they said they were sleeping on concrete floors for two months. I believe them."
"And what was worse about this, Mr. Chairman, was the fact that there were American flags hanging all over these facilities — that children being separated from their parents in front of an American flag — that women were being called these names under an American flag." -- Share Blue Media
Sen. Bernie Sanders
“I support Alexandria’s and the other women’s desire to bring more people, especially younger people, working-class people into the Democratic party," he said. "That is the future of the Democratic party.” -- Fox News
Rep. Ilhan Omar
“There are few things more dreadful than dealing with a man who knows he is going under, in his own eyes, and in the eyes of others. Nothing can help that man. What is left of that man flees from what is left of human attention.” ~James Baldwin -- Twitter
Tara Tidwell Cullen from the National Immigrant Justice Center.  
“This has been an opportunity for communities to come together and learn to understand what their rights are and be able to exercise their rights." -- Tribune
MLL in Little Village
Mayor Lori Lightfoot
... praised activists who are trying to organize against raids by informing people about their rights, which the former federal prosecutor said includes not letting ICE in if they don’t have a warrant signed by a judge. She said it’s important to remind people “that this is a city that for 150 years has been a city of welcome for immigrants (from) all over the world.” -- Tribune
Diana Nayeri, author of The Ungrateful Refugee
[Tucker] Carlson had nothing to do with Omar’s rescue from Somalia. He is just a privileged man who won the lottery of birth. If it were up to him, she would never have been allowed in. -- Slate

Trump tells elected women of color to, "Go back to the countries you came from..."

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