Thursday, July 6, 2017

Will IL legislators have enough spine to override Gov. Junk's veto?

Today's funniest quote comes from Gov. Junk himself: "The people should come first in Illinois, not Wall Street."
Push comes to shove today in Springfield when a group of Republicans, facing right-wing death threats,  may stand with Dems and do the right thing by ending the state's budget nightmare. IL is now in its third year of operating without a budget, mainly because a sociopathic, ideology-driven governor has been able to use his veto power over the Democratic majority to try and bust the unions and dismantle the state's social services. 

Gov. Bruce "Junk" Rauner, in true Trumpian style, and with special enmity towards Chicago's working poor, has intentionally pushed the city as well as the state to the brink of bankruptcy. He's forced excessive borrowing to pay pension costs and operating expenses at exorbitant rates, thereby reducing credit ratings to "junk" status and lining the pockets of Wall Street banksters with billions in high interest payments for years to come. 

But with elections around the corner and Gov. Junk's approval ratings in the toilet, a group of 15 Republicans, not wanting to go down with the sinking GOP ship, may break ranks and vote today to override Rauner's veto and keep the state, at least for now, from going under. 

I predict they will.

Ald. Ameya Pawar
Tune in to Hitting Left tomorrow at 11 (Chicago time) on Lumpen Radio when our in-studio guest will be Ald. Ameya Pawar, one of the Democratic candidates in next year's governor's race. I'm sure he will have plenty to say about today's budget vote and its implications for the race. 

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