Friday, February 5, 2016

Parent and community support builds as teachers hit the streets

CTU rally shuts down traffic in the Loop
Watch aerial video of CTU rally in the Loop, shutting down traffic. WGN's Sarah Jindra says expect major delays on Congress going to and from Eisenhower.
Posted by WGN TV on Thursday, February 4, 2016

Left Coast -- I'm excited to see this, even from 1,800 miles away.

The best news is that the embattled CTU is gaining mass support from parents and community members as another teachers strike seems more likely. According to the latest Tribune poll, Chicagoans support the union over Rahm Emanuel (a low bar) by more than three-to-one. That matches the support striking teachers had back in 2012.

The other day, Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown blasted the CTU for not accepting the board's first "serious" contract offer. As I said at the time, it's easy for Brown to push for the teachers to cave on the contract without much of a fight. He doesn't have to live with the results.

Tribune poll on eve of 2012 teachers strike
But now the worm has turned. Sun-Times owner Mark Ferro has bought controlling interest in the Tribune, threatening to turn Chicago into a one-paper town with a probability that more Sun-Times writers and reporters will lose their jobs.

From Crain's
The news of the Ferro group's investment spooked shareholders, who sent the newspaper company's stock down as much as 27 percent yesterday before closing at $7.98, down 11 percent. It also sent shockwaves throughout the embattled newsrooms of both Chicago's daily newspapers, leaving employees uncertain of what the shakeup will mean for their futures.
While many Sun-Times reporters appear to be sympathetic to teachers facing the threat of massive lay-offs,  I can't help but wonder if Brown is now wishing he had a fighting union like the CTU at his back and 3-1 support from the community over his owner/investors.

Good luck, Mark and what's left of S-T reporters and staff.

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