Monday, November 2, 2015

WEEKEND QUOTABLES Rauner's a 'sociopath'. Does anyone still doubt it?

"Sociopath" Rauner sends Chicago a dead fish.

CTU Pres. Karen Lewis
"I do want to say something about that sociopath governor," Lewis said during her talk Friday before launching into a long story about an encounter with Rauner.
"He told me what he believed in, and then he told me what he didn't believe in," she said. "He said, 'I don't believe in collective anything. I don't believe in communal anything.'"
"But then he told me we had something in common," Lewis said. Rauner noted that they both attended Dartmouth College. "Worst two years of my life," Lewis said. -- Chicago Tribune
Alliance Charters spokeswoman Catherine Suitor
"Of course, we are going to comply with the order. It actually doesn't change much. It says no one will coerce or threaten [unionizing teachers] and we agree with that and haven't been doing that." -- L.A. Times: Judge issues temporary restraining order against Alliance
Daily Tar Heel Editorial
Charters perpetuate segregation, cater to affluent white communities and drain money from local public schools in the process. -- North Carolina should not expand charter schools
CREDO's Margaret Raymond
"It is literally as if the kid did not go to school for an entire year." -- Study on online charters
Ben Joravsky 
On May 28, the Emanuel administration sent Ruthhart 19 heavily redacted e-mail chains. There were so many redactions it was impossible to determine who was saying what to whom. Moreover, the redactions were made with some sort of white material that blended in with the page, so it was hard to even tell how many e-mails had been redacted. -- The Reader

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  1. I hope the Tribune gets it hands on Rahm's emails. But you don't need to read them to know that the SUPES deal couldn't have gone down without the mayor's knowledge. All you need is common sense.


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