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Monday, November 24, 2014


Parents tell IL State Board to suspend implementation of the PARCC test for the 2014-2015 school year.
Wendy Katten, Raise Your Hand Coalition
 “Illinois is not ready for the PARCC and the PARCC is not ready for Illinois.” -- Early & Often
Jawanza Malone, of the Kenwood Oakland Community Organization
“When they look at us and say, ‘We don’t need an elected school board because that just puts politics in education’ — what do they think is there now? … You have one person controlling the lives of millions.” -- S-T,  Coalition pushing advisory vote for elected CPS board
Chuy Garcia
Jesus "Chuy" Garcia
 "Instead of closing that many schools, you should have looked at other options. I’m not saying none of those schools should have been closed. But that was too many. It was too drastic. And you obviously didn’t heed the advice of many parents and students who said, `Please don’t do this to us. This will snuff the life out of many neighborhoods.’"  -- S-T, Garcia Blasts Emanuel
Miguel del Valle
 It’s a big job just getting him [Chuy Garcia] on the ballot but I’m hoping some labor groups get behind him, that teachers and others will get behind him. The dynamics are always different. Their personalities are different. Karen had a different kind of base than Chuy does. How those two meld has yet to be determined. -- Catalyst interview

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