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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Quinn: 'Don't compare me to The Almighty...'

IEA members pick their poison
Stunning that Democrats like Gov. Quinn now feel it necessary to stand in front of 1,200 educators at the IEA Regional Assembly in Chicago and assure them that,
"Eliminating collective bargaining is not part of my agenda."
"I respect teachers" [No, really I do].
"I'm not going to charterize this system of education in Illinois."
"I'm absolutely opposed to school vouchers."
He did tell the teacher union delegates that he would be willing to negotiate pension "reform" with them. But only IF the courts throw out the unconstitutional pension-busting bill he signed.

And then he offered them this:
"Don't compare me to The Almighty..."
Not to worry, Gov. Not to worry.

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  1. When SB1 is declared unconstitutional, the unions should declare the matter settled, and off the table.


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