Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Another Duncan Doughnut

"Teachers in America often come from the bottom of the academic barrel..." -- Arne Duncan

Yes, he really said it, and despite his inevitable pull-back once his handlers get hold of him, he really means it. This Harvard jock, who never taught a day in his life, can't open his mouth, it seems,without demeaning teachers (or "white suburban moms" for that matter).

I'm not sure what the "academic barrel" is. I think he means the state universities and colleges of education, like the ones where I have taught for the past few decades, and where thousands of great teachers are produced under the tutelage of some of the country's greatest education professors and scholars.

To Duncan, the top of the "barrel" would probably mean the Ivy Leaguers like himself, who become the 5-week TFA wonders; the ones who, on average, flounder through their first 2 years in inner-city schools before fleeing for greener pastures.


  1. Obama!! Fire Arne Duncan NOW!!

  2. In our age of time, governmental public schools are longer gear towards educating our youths but more in the neighbor of mind control in order to create a flow of pictures of dead white Presidents printed on green and white paper for those who has been elected into a public office and their friends. The general communities and our young students are taught to do and think the way they are told and not to be independent and critical thinkers, this as an Local School Council Chairman member for over 10 years have a problem with. We as a community have to wake up and bring the loving and caring village back into our youth's lives and stop fearing those with who we had put into electoral offices as public servers.


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