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Thursday, August 29, 2013

View from right field -- The 'civil rights movement' for school vouchers

Finn (right) and his Fordham team.
As thousands marched in D.C. to commemorate Dr. Kings dream speak=h, Checker Finn and his boys at the right-wing Fordham Institute began spinning their own version of the civil rights movement. Their "dream" is all about the "right" to funnel money away from public schools to private companies and religious groups in the form of vouchers.

In the latest issue of The Flypaper, they bemoan the efforts of the Justice Dept. and  the Southern Poverty Law Center to overturn Louisiana's voucher program which has been found to reinforce school segregation.

Since the Fordham crew have absolutely no civil rights credibility of their own, they defer to a civil rights movement veteran from Alabama, Rev. H.K. Matthews, who has sadly lined up with Bobby Jindal in La. and former Florida schools chief Tony Bennett, to support vouchers.

They call the Justice Dept. move "folly" since it could have major implications for other modes of choice, including charter schools.

You bet.

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