Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ownership Society News

Vicki Phillips, director at Gates Foundation, said the partnership with Pearson was part of a “suite of investments.” -- New York Times

Chicago Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel warns city's arts community: "You don't live in a sacrifice-free zone" -- Tribune 


The old (1974) Browns Ferry nuclear facility in northern Alabama remained "safely shut down" after it lost power following devastating storms in the area, a spokeswoman for the Tennessee Valley Authority said Thursday's.Tornadoes actually knocked out power to three nuclear reactors in Alabama. But don't worry. NRC says nukes are stable. -- Reuters  Oh yes, and TVA is adding satellite telephones and small portable generators and could add more dry cask storage and hardened water supply pipes at its nuclear power plants, TVA Chief Operating Officer Bill McCollum said today. The federal utility is making the changes — and studying other plant changes — in response to the earthquake-damaged nuclear plant in Japan.

Gee, I hope Home Depot is open today.

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