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Monday, February 21, 2011

Are they still calling it "reform"?

Reform Detroit style: Bobb will close half of city schools, raise class size to 60. This is nothing less than criminal.

President's Day in Boise. Thousands of teachers, parents, and students are spending their day off protesting Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna's plan to require high school students to take four online courses, introduce merit pay for teachers and end tenure for new teachers.  It would also eliminate about 770 teaching positions.


Thousands of Wisconsin union members and supporters are packing the Capitol again today to protest T-Party Gov. Walker's plan to not only to cut wages and benefits for some public employees, but go after teachers' and public workers' collective bargaining rights as well.

View from right field: Even the conservative, pro-business Madison Chamber of commerce has condemned Walker's "adversarial" approach.

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