Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Challenging New Trier's honoring of Rumsfeld

Teachers at wealthy north shore, suburban New Trier High School did a  great job of educating at least some of their students. The evidence? Not just the test scores that go with the territory at New Trier.

Senior class president Jeremy Levine-Drizin said he and a friend have begun circulating a petition among students and faculty calling for Donald Rumsfeld's removal from its honoree list, calling it a "moral issue."
"I felt I had a duty as a student of New Trier to try to get him off this list," Levine-Drizin said.
Jeremy is joined in the effort to get the NTHS board to withdraw its honor of the war-mongering Rumsfeld, by former trustee Buzz Graettinger. Rumsfeld's involvement with what turned out to be inaccurate assertions of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq make him unfit to receive an award, Graettinger said.

"Let the military, political, or business worlds venerate Rumsfeld, if they must. But New Trier owes him no such honor," wrote Michelle Komie, a 1993 New Trier graduate.

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