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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Line from the N.Y. Times: Two tenets of Bloomberg era...

Mayor Bloomberg has dumped Chancellor Klein in N.Y.
Klein goes off to work on Rupert Murdoch's right-wing plantation, "to explore possibilities in education." I wonder what possibilities those might be? 
Recently, two famous Wall Street short sellers, James Chanos and Steve Eisman, announced that they see a crash coming in the for-profit education sector, which is heavily dependent on online degrees paid for through federally guaranteed student loans. (New Yorker)
The news is better for Cathie Black who leaves Hearst's own struggling right-wing media plantation for Bloomberg and his potential third-party, beat- Obama, presidential run in 2012. Black is no more qualified to run NYC's public schools than I am to run Cosmo. But none of this is really the public's business, says Bloomberg. The selection process around Black's hiring as well as the Klein dump were both highly secretive. This piece in the Times says it all for me:
Two tenets of the Bloomberg era: the mayor’s faith in the ability of business leaders to fix the ills of government, and his keen dislike of drawn-out public debates that might derail his agenda.

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