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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

He knows what's good for Detroit, including how people should vote

How does Arne Duncan know what's best for the people of Detroit? It's "common sense."

After all, says Arne, without big city mayors exercising one-man rule over the schools, it's impossible, "for children to reach their full potential, and ultimately for the city reach its full potential."

Is there any research to back up such a bizarre assertion? Of course not. But he does have a spokesman who doesn't mind fiddling with the truth.

Peter Cunningman, a Duncan spokesman, pointed out to The Detroit News that his boss previously worked as CEO for the Chicago Public Schools, where he said mayoral control led to improved test scores.

And what test scores might these be, you ask? And how did the mayor produce them, you ask? And how, from 400 miles away would Duncan or Cunningham know that the Chicago approach would be best for Detroit (whose former mayor is on his way to jail), you ask?

Why, it's common sense.

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