Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Diane Ravitch on "NCLB 2.0"
Charter school organizers and management companies must be licking their chops, waiting to scoop up the new federal dollars and new opportunities for market expansion. The charter movement began as an effort to strengthen public education, but it has turned into a movement to get rid of public sector unions and to turn public schools into private schools funded by public dollars. (Bridging Differences)
Philanthropy the right way
"We want kids to be aware of their global citizenship," said Nadine Zelle, a Waters music teacher who also received an Oppenheimer grant. Hers provides for students at all grade levels to study drumming traditions from different countries. (Tribune)
Latest from Chicago's school "Renaissance"

After hearing that the Daley/Duncan reforms in Chicago did nothing to improve student learning outcomes on the NAEP, CPS Chief Education Officer Barbara Eason-Watkins called the progress "incremental" (Sun-Times). A CPS press statement called the news "heartening" (WBEZ). I guess that means: At least we're not Detroit.

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  1. I salute the Oppenheimer Fund for supporting good teachers and good teaching. What a difference from the mega-foundations like Gates feel entitled to dictate how education, health care and other social services should operate and who have no sense of public accountability or social responsibility themselves.


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