Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bell Curve resurrection

It amazes me how easily the right-wing think tanks, like AEI, Fordham, and the Manhattan Institute, have been able to restore the once-discredited racist, Charles Murray, back to respectability. Fourteen years after The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure drew wide condemnation for its racist projections of black children as being intellectually inferior to whites, the author’s latest book, Real Education, is making the rounds in conservative academic circles and is even being treated as serious research by some ed reformers.

Murray cynically uses the "not every student should go to college" argument, to now claim a high degree of predictability from birth about which class of children will be capable of college success and higher-order thinking. "It's idiotic," he tells Edweek, to have high expectations for these kids.

Fortunately, Pedro Noguera is given a sentence or two in the Edweek story, to counter Murray's claims.

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