Monday, December 17, 2018


Robert Kraig, Wisc. Citizens Action
“We have a political party in the United States that has decided it’s completely OK to hold on to power by reducing the number of people who are voting. It’s fundamentally undemocratic.” -- Guardian
Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) 
...summed it up another way: “It’s been a bad week for Individual Number One.” -- WaPo
Gery Chico, Chicago mayoral candidate
Ald. Eddie Burke “has been a friend for years,” Chico wrote, praising the alderman for “cooperating with the current federal investigation.” -- Sun-Times
Carol Burris, veteran educator and public ed advocate
It is time to acknowledge that what may have begun as a sincere attempt to promote innovation has given rise to fraud, discrimination and the depletion of public school funding. Thirty years of charters have resulted in an increase in profiteering far more than it has resulted in innovation. Democratic governance is disappearing. -- Answer Sheet
Nora Murphy, librarian and parent of L.A. school children
I will tell you this, my family will be picketing with my child's teachers because what they are asking for is the bare minimum any school district should provide for its schools, its families, its students. -- Answer Sheet

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