Monday, September 10, 2018


Employees at a Pacific Northwest burger chain triggered a new policy after employees wore buttons that read “Abolish ICE” and “No one is illegal” with their uniforms.

Marisa Novara, of the nonprofit Metropolitan Planning Council
“If mayoral candidates actually used the s-word, and acknowledged that segregation is rooted in racism, and acknowledged government’s culpability as a vehicle for and perpetuator of racism, then we might have a very different mayoral race. We might have candidates willing to embrace solutions that go beyond programs to actual structural change.” -- New York Times
Natalie Y. Moore, author of "The South Side"
[Harold Washington's] elections marked the last time an interracial coalition was forged to change who runs this city. I don’t want to dwell in nostalgia, but I do think that could happen again. -- New York Times
Northwestern Prof. Kari Lydersen
“In Chicago, from almost Day One, [Rahm Emanuel] was seen as Mayor 1%. He took on the unions right away. He came in and made clear he was planning to run the city as a business. He didn’t have time for regular people... Even now, people outside Chicago don’t get the extent to which he’s been Mayor 1%. -- Sun-Times
David Sirota
Emanuel’s administration also reportedly oversaw a police dark site where suspects were allegedly imprisoned without charge – and the Democratic mayor’s appointees infamously blocked the release of a videotape of Chicago police gunning down an unarmed African American teenager. -- Guardian
Former IL Gov. George Ryan
 “Hell, I’m 84 years old,” he chirped. “I’m just really looking forward to rekindling memories and  dreams we had back in 1999 for my first trip to Cuba in hopes of getting the embargo lifted." -- Sneed
 David Madland, Senior Fellow at Center of American Progress
“Unions boost wealth for all workers, and the wealth jump is the biggest for communities of color. It’s not just unions helping one group, it’s helping all groups and providing the most help for the people who need it the most.” -- Bloomberg

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