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Monday, March 27, 2017

Questions that don't answer

Questions -- What the hell is a "deputy governor" and how many does IL really need? Don't we elect a Lt. Gov.?  How did Leslie Munger get the job when we are already cursed with Rauner-appointed Deputy Gov. Olin "Trey" Childress III? And how does Munger, who was thrashed in her last election bid by Rauner-critic Susana Mendoza, get off writing letters to the S-T calling for more unconstitutional pension theft as the "key to solving CPS funding problems"?

What is DT's one and only favorite public employees union? Why it's the FOP of course, whose boss, Dean Angelo Sr. is  attending an alt-right summit meeting today in D.C. with the Trumpies. I doubt they will concern themselves much with the blockbuster report on classified FBI documents that reveal the feds have quietly investigated U.S. law enforcement links to white supremacy and racism in America.

Question #3 is for CNN. How do you reconcile this story, Trump correctly cites rising crime rates in cities with Steinberg's column in today's S-T, "Trump twists crime numbers to demonize immigrants"? Better question might be -- how do you sleep at night?

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