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Friday, September 16, 2016

Right on, Rep. Will Guzzardi

Logan Squarist
After his stunning victory over his machine opponent, people (including me) warned him that he wouldn't be able to do too much as a freshman legislator. Boy were we wrong. Despite swimming with the sharks and battling our sociopath Gov. Rauner down in Springfield, Rep. Will Guzzardi has become a leader in the fight for public education and on other progressive initiatives. Among others, he's championed the cause for an elected school board and an end to Rahm Emanuel's autocratic rule over Chicago Public Schools.

Will's latest campaign is for free tuition at state schools for Illinois residents, paid for, in part with a "millionaire's surcharge".
Illinois Rep. Will Guzzardi (D) has posted a petition online to gather support for free tuition at state schools for Illinois residents. He announced a new coalition called Tuition Free Illinois, which he’s spearheading, to gather support for the effort. Tuition Free Illinois includes Chicago Votes, Chicago Student Action, Young Chicago Authors and College Democrats of Illinois.
“I suspect that this will be very difficult to pass in the current political climate,” Guzzardi writes in an email to LoganSquarist. “But we’re going to push, and we’re going to work to elect leaders who will support these kinds of bold progressive ideas.” -- Logan Squarist
Thanks Will. And keep on pushin'. We've got your back.

Check out Will's Facebook page and sign his petition here. 

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  1. Just think of all the problems that could solve! Anyone who wanted could become educated. Kids in H.S. motivated to study and graduate, knowing that they can now afford a college degree. Highly educated work force attracts more businesses. Money starts to roll again. Healthy economy. Such a common sense approach is now so radical it is seen as progressive. I wish him the best of luck. He is someone with vision. Makes bruce look like a fool. Yeah, not hard to do but still....


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