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Monday, April 25, 2016


Troy LaRaviere 
"For those who plan on taking some kind of action, please ensure it is purposeful and well-informed. I STILL HAVE NOT BEEN INFORMED OF THE CHARGES AGAINST ME. At this point, this should be at the core of any effort to support my case. Any protest or other efforts should focus on forcing CPS to tell me what they’re charging me with. 
 Again, since we don’t know what the alleged violations are, I believe ANY EFFORTS TO SUPPORT MY CASE SHOULD FOCUS ON FORCING CPS TO TELL ME WHAT THEY’RE CHARGING ME WITH [Troy's emphasis]. After they reveal the charges people can then decide what next steps need to be taken.
This is not about me. This is about corruption, and I am an obstacle to that corruption." -- Troy LaRaviere's Blog
Laughable quotes on LaRaviere firing
Janice Jackson, the chief education officer for the Chicago Public Schools: "We did not consult the mayor in making this decision."
Mayoral spokeswoman Kelley Quinn: "CPS handles its own personnel matters, with which the mayor does not interfere." -- Eric Zorn, "The Sacking of Troy"
Rick Perlstein
Competitors compete: the proposition seems axiomatic. But charter schools don’t really compete with traditional public schools, which rely solely on tax dollars to operate; charters get slathered with private cash, too. -- The Chicago School
Kate Grossman
 Chicago has a poor track record of delivering for its weakest students but this latest chapter, arguably an inevitable and predictable consequence of school choice, may be a new low.  -- Atlantic
Bill Gates
 “We really haven’t changed [students’ academic] outcomes.” -- EdWeek Market Brief


  1. I'm sure that Janet Jackson is correct in her statement. Why would CPS "consult" with their boss when his direct order to marginalize Troy was very clear from the start.

  2. Bill Gates sudden realization makes me almost laugh. Instead of consulting with teachers as to improving student out comes, he funds charter school owners. The vast majority of highly educated, experienced teachers know exactly what needs to be done. Smaller class sizes, art-music-computer-foreign language-robust course offerings from K-12 in every school, materials, safe schools free of rodents and mold, and a strong social service component to help families in crisis. Then you add programs that improve social justice in blighted areas. But teachers have been maligned by the wealthy and by big business for so long that Bill never thought of consulting with them. Nor does anyone else. Until education is given back to the experts, teachers, it will never get better. Children are not widgets. Business and the rich and infamous need to get out of this educational factory mode. It is obscene what they are doing to children.

    1. Spot on. Thanks for your perspective. This from a retired L.A. Unified teacher/administrator.

  3. When Rahm farts even the smallest of farts, CPS and Janice Jackson react - especially when your job is kissing his ass. Rahm is to be served by lackeys for his every whim or whiff. Consult him? There is no reason to consult him or his higher level lackeys.


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