Saturday, January 9, 2016

In the Mailbox: Testing at New Trier

My good friend at New Trier High School told me that the parents in Winnetka could care less about the PARCC test. He tells me that the high school was a ghost town on the day the tests were taken.

Only 35% of the students took the test. New Trier is considered by many to be the best high school in the Chicago area and the scores of those who took the test were very low. They apparently they did not teach to the Common Core in Winnetka township, the equivalent of Pelham Manor, Rye, Larchmont, or Stamford in New York and Conn. or Marin C in the Bay area.

Valerie [Strauss] might recall that many New Trier teachers signed a letter that she published a couple of years ago signed by New Trier teachers, Lab School teachers, and the CTU about standardized testing. (it took me a week to organize)

I will link it here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/answer-sheet/wp/2013/02/15/open-letter-to-arne-duncan-from-chicago-teachers/

Paul Horton
History Instructor
University High School
The University of Chicago Laboratory Schools

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  1. Thanks, Paul & Mike. We receive the north suburban papers (Skokie & Winnetka), & extremely large numbers(in numerous suburbs--I think the whole 11th Grade in Rolling Meadows) opted out of CCRAP testing (the articles were in The Skokie News & Winnetka Talk--I cut them out, but, unfortunately, they're not easily accessible right now). I particularly enjoyed the comments contained in both papers' interviews w/New Trier (Asst. Super, I think), & the interim super of Niles Twp. District 219. Both of them said, basically, what we educators have been saying about these so-called, "standardized," poorly constructed & deeply flawed (NO accountability & NO oversight from either Feds or State of ILL-Annoy, which $pent $160 million of OUR taxpayer $$$--for Pear$on te$t$--in a NO BID {correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that ILLEGAL?}, 4-year contract) Pear$on CCRAP. They thought the kids didn't think these tests were important, & they were concerned about the days lost on testing, among other criticisms we've all voiced repeatedly.
    Fortunately, we can expect huge #s of opt-outs this year, at least saving the kids & teachers some stress & lost class time (these schools will, certainly, make other educational provisions).

    Unfortunately, Pear$on $till get$ it$ unde$erved (&, again, ILLEGAL) $$$$$$. When do their exec$ (& tho$e on ISBE--former $upt.Chri$ Koch, perchance?) get what Barbara Byrd Bennett got? (Oh, & I'm curious about what'$ going on w/Gary $olomon & hi$ partner in crime--when will they be $entenced?)


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