Friday, October 2, 2015

Did Duncan just feather his nest in Chicago?

So just before announcing his resignation as Sec. of Education, Arne Duncan dropped $157M on privately-run charters. $42.2M of it is coming to IL with the lion's share going to Arne's pals at Noble St. and Lawndale Educational and Regional Network.

Anybody want to predict where he'll end up when he returns to Chicago?


  1. I bet he just wants to spend some time with his family.

  2. Duncan has played a key role in the gentrification of North Lawndale. Remember, it was Daley's schools CEO Duncan who in 2006, closed Collins H.S. in Lawndale and then turned the building over to David Vitale and AUSL. That alone should earn him a job when he returns.

  3. Yes, Anon. Arne's patrons, the Steans Family, have underwritten much of N. Lawndale re-development including the startup of North Lawndale College Prep. Robin Steans is a trustee with the foundation and executive director of Advance Illinois.

  4. Extremely late to the party (no one will be reading this but you, Mike), but my guess is a six-figure exec. position (where he'll occupy a plush desk chair in a large office, spending the entire day surfing the net {like Ed Burke looking at Stetsons on his iphone at a City Council Meeting} at Pear$on Publi$hing, located on Easy Street in beautiful, easily accessed north suburban Glenview. He's certainly thrown enough bu$ine$$ their way!!


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