Saturday, November 8, 2014

Will Rauner pull the plug?

This from today's Trib --
When the freshly elected Rauner assumes the Illinois governorship in January, he will gain control of the education bureaucracy of a state that, like most others in the nation, has set Common Core as a benchmark to gauge student achievement.
If Rauner tries to pull the plug, as he appeared to suggest, he could anger education reformers who think the program is a solid way to improve education. If he doesn't, he risks the wrath of a conservative political base that expected him to do otherwise.
And that's the least of his problems

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  1. It would be good if he would scrap common core, needless tests, and SB7. He might do that because these tests are showing the charter schools are not doing better then the public schools. It would also be a well deserved slap in the face of Arne Duncan.


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