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Friday, July 25, 2014

On Patti Vasquez Show last night

Patti Vasquez and Pete Lee on WGN last night
Special thanks to WGN's Patti Vasquez for having me on her show last night. Comedian Pete Lee was Patti's co-host and we had a friendly and far-ranging discussion on ed issues. Patti and Pete are both very funny, but serious when it comes to schooling and other social issues.

I felt at times that I should be interviewing Patti who describes herself on Twitter as, Special Needs Mom. Also known as Latina Supermom, about the trials and tribulations of a parent with an autistic child in public school.

She definitely got it when I commented on the Board's new budget which robs programs for kids with disabilities and throws more money at privately-run charter schools. I also got to talk about the problems with mayoral control of the schools and the need for an elected school board.

I found common ground with Patti and Pete who carried the ball in response to a couple of callers who blamed lazy, greedy teachers for bringing down the school system. You know -- those teachers who make tons of money for only working 8 months out of the year. The shows co-hosts would have none of it.

Thanks again, Patti and Pete.

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