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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ownership Society News

Entertainment Properties Trust recently bought five public schools for investment of approximately $44 million.What a deal! (h/t Ken Libby)

N.J. Gov. Christie goes to D.C. to push "deep cuts" in public ed and more "reform"--meaning vouchers. NCAA leader, James Harris  responds: "This is not about ‘school choice.' This is about using precious public funds to subsidize private and religious education."

Tom VanderArk is so excited about Christie, he could pee. But most of all, he's elated over the current budget crisis. It's a "good opportunity for online learning," says VDA.  I can't understand why those 275,000 300,000 teachers and staff getting riffed don't get that. 

Meet Gov.Schwarzenegger's appointed state board. Might as well just appoint Eli Broad himself. (Perimeter Primate).


  1. The Perimeter Primate post on the California state Board of Ed prompted these really good questions on an Oakland parents' listserve: "Just exactly what is the purpose of the State Board of Education? Also, do these people get paid and, if so, how much? Is this, perhaps, one of the "boards" that California can no longer afford?"

  2. Caroline,

    What about Cook County's Supt.Flowers? He makes six big figures and steals more than he makes. Check it out http://www.southtownstar.com/news/2230968,050410flowers.article


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