Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Making the case against school closings

Who briefs Joel Klein over at DOE? asks Maisie McAdoo at Edwize.

Because what he told NY1 TV’s Mike Scotto on “Inside City Hall” Monday about the 19 closing schools was, “Nobody could make a good case why these schools shouldn’t be closed.”

Has he been away? His deputy chancellors, John White, Santi Taveras and Kathleen Grimm, chaired 20 public hearings over the last two months where parents, teachers and support staff, CEC leaders, Council members, Assembly representatives, grandmothers, local business leaders, students, graduates, principals and advocates testified on why most of the schools on the list should not close. Did the deputies not report back?
'Culture of Calm'

Community resistance to Chicago school closings continues to build as CEO Ron Huberman holds more hearings. Last night, the Mollison and Wells Prep parents were expected to show up in force for a public hearing at district headquarters to question the plans. Last week, about 80 parents and teachers came out for the Marconi-Tilton hearing. (Catalyst)

Faced with increased incidents of school violence in the wake of his massive school closing initiatives, Huberman is advertising for a Culture of Calm coordinator. Interested? The job pays $90k.

But there's nothing calming about massive cuts in CTA service, a year after huge fare increases went into affect. Longer waits for buses, before and after school, have students at Clemente worried about their safety.
The Chicago Police were visible presence outside and around the perimeter of the school. Two squad cars were stationed directly in the front of the school. While a paddy wagon and squad cars were on Division street, several yards away from the main intersection. (Vocalo.org).
Remember, Huberman ran the CTA before Mayor Daley brought him over to run the schools.

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