Monday, October 12, 2015


Thousands at 'Justice or Else' Rally in D.C. on 20th anniversary of Million Man March
David Nakamura and Hamil R. Harris
The peaceful rally was a reminder that seven years after the election of the nation’s first black president, enormous frustration remains among segments of the African American community about progress on civil rights. -- Washington Post
Charles Pierce
"And when the history of the Obama Administration is written, its willingness to go along with charter-school grifters at the behest of Arne Duncan is going to be a very big debit on the ledger."  -- New York Magazine
Duncan's charter scandal. 
Jeff Bryant
 Why would a secretary so often accused of leading an unprecedented overreach of federal intrusion in state education policy suddenly become so nonchalant about oversight of charter schools?  -- The ugly charter school scandal Arne Duncan is leaving behind (Salon)
Carol Marin
In Chicago, the mayor runs the schools. Always has. But not ultimately responsible? C’mon. Own it, mayor. Own it. -- Sun-Times
 Schiff Hardin Attorney Ron Safer
“We view it as semi-pro bono work. This is not a unique case". -- CPS approves more legal spending for Byrd-Bennett aides

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