Thursday, September 17, 2015

HUNGER STRIKE, DAY 32 -- 70% fail PARCC exam. Duncan calls it 'telling the truth'

Test results for IL's 2,000,000 students have plummeted to their lowest point in a decade. They purport to show nearly 70% of them failing the PARCC. Pearson will deliver the rest of the test results on Monday and then it will take the state board two more weeks to check the data. But the results were a foregone conclusion long before the tests were given.

Rauner's schools chief Tony Smithwhistling past the graveyard.
"I think the promise of PARCC is greater than the promise of most of the other assessments we’ve ever had. Kids can test to the edge of their knowledge."
Arne Duncan agrees...
"It actually doesn't concern me at all. What Illinois and many other states are doing is finally telling the truth." (EdWeek)
Yes, the truth. Duncan doesn't even have to see the numbers to know that they tell the truth. In fact, numbers only confuse him.

DAY 32 of the Dyett hunger strike. Don't miss Carol Marin's excellent interview with hunger strikers Jitu Brown and Anna Jones.

Jitu on Facebook says that hunger strikers are meeting with CPS leadership over the next few days. He will keep us posted.

Here's an Open Letter to Alderman Will Burns on the Dyett Hunger Strike from Julie Woestehoff, former Executive Director of Parents United for Responsible Education (PURE)
KOCO’s decision to sponsor a hunger strike is a reflection of their extreme frustration with you and other education policy makers. The fact that several members of your community have been willing to put their lives on the line to join them, and that others are actively supporting them, suggests that many share this frustration.
You can join the hunger strikers & NBC National Nightly News on a peaceful vigil to Obama's home, beginning at Dyett 555 E 51st, at 6 P.M. ‪#‎FightForDyett‬


  1. We all know the truth: the only ones benefiting from CCRAP are the owners, shareholders & executives & other higher ups at Pear$on. Their te$t$--no matter what they're named--IGAP$, ISAT$, CCRAP or any future misnomers--are NOT standardized--they are neither & have not been proven to be either valid or reliable--heck, no one BUT Pear$on can read them, & they aren't categorizing/breaking down scores so that teachers can then produce "informed curriculum" from te$t re$ult$ (isn't that the point of this type of te$ting? They're $till using the "Pineapple ?" types of que$tion$ (which i$ why they want no one to see their te$ts), their te$t "$corer$" are either unqualified or underqualified or too tired to grade 100s-1,000s of te$t$ (a "6 to 10 PM shift" {Probably after working all day at another job}--i$ a 2nd- shift worker going to be able to stay awake/properly read & digest all of the paperwork put before them?)
    And there is so much more that is so wrong on every level.

    When Arne move$ back to Chicago (where his own children are attending U of Chicago Lab School, & do not have to take the$e te$t$), ju$t wait & see who he end$ up getting a 6-figure, executive job with? Ding, ding, ding for you if you an$wered Pear$on Publi$hing--located in the convenient, leafy-green north suburb of Glenview, ILL-Annoy.

  2. Which of Duncan's "truths" are we supposed to believe? 1) That under his leadership test scores have steadily risen? Or 2) Because of failing schools and bad teachers 70% of students are under-performing.


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