Monday, May 23, 2016


Troy LaRaviere
"I don't think Rahm can be elected dog catcher, and I think he knows it... Right now, I want to be president of the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association. I take that office on July 1 and that's the only office I'm concerned about right now...Who knows what the future holds, but right now that is not on the table." -- Morning Spin
Launa Hall
When policymakers mandate tests and buy endlessly looping practice exams to go with them, their image of education is from 30,000 feet. -- A third-grade teacher on why "data walls" don't work.
"I don't want to have guns in classrooms. Although, in some cases, teachers should have guns in classrooms." -- CBS News
Willie Davis
Bullies are almost never the problem—it’s the people standing next to the bully, laughing at his jokes that hurt. Without them, the guy calling you “dickwad” or “gaywad” (’90s bullies were very wad-centric, I’m belatedly realizing) looks ridiculous. --
 “Some 400 of Hillary Clinton’s superdelegates came on board her campaign before anybody else announced. It was anointment. And that is bad for the process.” -- Guardian


  1. There are times when I shut off the news because it is making physically sick. I guess local pols don't understand that folks are so tired of being bashed about by their personal policies that help no one other than their own lust for power and money. rauner is one of the worst. The lies he tells are disgusting and no journalist disputes them. rahm is saying little now since everyone hates him so much. I am tired of fearing for my pension, wondering if I will survive the last decade or so of life. If rauner has his way, many of us will be thrown under the bus. Bernie is the best shot but Hillary is already anointed. Very slimy. Once again, we will be given a choice of terrible or really terrible. What's the point anymore? All the protests, all the movements, all the ideas that most folks support are being ignored by those in power. We are all facing more of the same and I don't think many of us will survive.

  2. nice goin' barb [typing with 1 hand cause i broke clavicle in bike wreck]. now i really feel like crap. actually. it's worse than that. none of gets out of here alive.

  3. Sorry Mike. Hope you feel better soon! Those darn bikes!


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